A 32-year-old white man has been convicted of attempted aggravated battery and disorderly conduct for kicking a 1-year-old black boy and shouting racial slurs in a Kansas grocery store.

Trace Riff also was convicted of unlawful abuse of toxic vapors and possession of methamphetamine in an unrelated case after entering what’s known as an Alford plea to all the charges.  The plea means Riff maintains his innocence but acknowledges there’s enough evidence for a conviction.

The Wichita Eagle reports witnesses told police the boy was holding his 11-year-old sister’s hand on December 23rd when Riff knocked the child over, yelled a racial slur and shouted that he is a white supremacist.  The toddler was not injured.

Riff’s family says he has a history of mental health and substance abuse problems.

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