Wichita School District Sets Up COVID Vaccine Site

Wichita, the largest school district in Kansas, plans to open a COVID-19 immunization site after the vaccine was approved for kids aged 5-11.

The school system has not administered any shots yet to the five-to-eleven-year-old age group, and won’t be going school-by-school with vaccines.

Instead, the district will set up a vaccination station at district headquarters that will serve the entire school community, including students, parents, and unvaccinated employees, The Wichita Eagle reports.

Earlier in the pandemic, the district developed COVID vaccination capabilities to immunize teachers and staff.

Tim Kaufman, assistant county manager, said the county also will hold mobile clinics at schools in the outlying districts.

Already, more than 800 children have received COVID-19 vaccinations from the county’s health department since last week, when the vaccine was approved for use in young children.