Woman Identified After 34 Years

A beaten body found 34 years ago in a Kansas creek has been identified as a Los Angeles woman, authorities have announced.

Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan said the woman, long referred to as “Miss Molly,” was Robin Ann Green.

She was last seen in December 1985 after visiting her children in Minnesota, where they lived with her ex-husband, according to the sheriff.

Her body was found one month later in Mulberry Creek, west of Salina along Interstate 70.

Her grave was exhumed last summer for DNA testing.

Soldan said the house where Green once lived in California was seized as part of a drug investigation.

Investigators don’t know how she came to Kansas.

She had been traveling with her husband, Michael.

He died in 2007.

Soldan said the case remains an open homicide investigation.