Woman Sentenced for Burglary, Killing Dog

A Wichita woman has been sentenced to probation for beating a man’s dog to death with a baseball bat, reportedly in a jealous rage.

Hilda Noordhoek, 32, has been sentenced to two years’ probation, the Wichita Eagle reported.

Prosecutors say she broke into the man’s home in 2018 by smashing a window, stole a computer and headphones, and fatally bludgeoned the man’s bulldog with a bat.

A witness told police that Noordhoek killed the pet because she was mad that the man – with whom she was romantically involved – was seeing another woman.

Because Noordhoek lacked a significant criminal history, she was eligible for probation under Kansas law, prosecutors said.

She faces jail time if she fails to meet the terms of her probation, which include avoiding drugs and alcohol, holding a full-time job, and completing an anger management class.

She’s barred from having pets except any she already owned.

She also can’t be alone with other people’s animals.