“Work shopping” a concern ahead of Cyber Monday, set policy now

Before Cyber Monday gets here, employers should know that many of their employees will be shopping at work.

“It’s an increasing issue that people are talking about,” said Nic Cover with Robert Half. “Right now, 52% of employees will shop online this holiday season. Out of that 52%, 44% admit that productivity takes a hit when they’re doing that.”

In a separate survey, 77% of technology leaders said their firm allows “work shopping,” but more than half prefer employees abstain from the activity.

“It’s just the convenience of online shopping right now,” said Cover. “Especially year end, when pressures and deadlines at the workplace come into effect. Obviously, everybody still needs to get that shopping done. They just head to their phone.”

Security risks (59%) and loss of productivity (34%) were cited as the top “work shopping” concerns among tech managers.

“What we’re seeing and also suggesting, when it comes to some of our clients is setting those policies and procedures up front and ahead of time,” said Cover. “I think where employers get into issues is whenever they’re kind of coming on the back end and having these discussions.”

Employees ages 25-40 (65%) are most likely to “work shop.”