Wrongful Conviction Suit Filed In Douglas County

A 26-year-old Wichita man who spent two years in prison before a rape case against him was dismissed is suing the state of Kansas for wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

Albert Wilson filed the lawsuit in Douglas County District Court, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

Wilson was convicted in 2019 of committing a rape in Lawrence.

He was later granted a new trial after a judge found his attorney was ineffective during the first trial.

The Douglas County District Attorney dismissed the case, saying it was being resolved outside of court.

Wilson, who is now 26, always maintained he was innocent of the rape.

In his lawsuit, Wilson says the case caused him both economic and non-economic damages.

He is seeking full monetary relief under the state’s wrongful conviction laws.

He also wants a certificate of innocence and to have his record expunged.

The state has not yet filed a response to Wilson’s lawsuit.