You’d better stop on the red light: Crashes are a growing problem, says AAA

New analysis of crash data by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says running red lights is a growing problem.

“The number of people killed as a result of drivers running red lights has really spiked sharply in recent years,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “More often than not, almost 65% of the time, the victim is not the offending driver.”

Pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers are generally the victims of red-light runners.

“The most recent crash data available shows that 939 people were killed in red-light running crashes in 2017,” said Steward. “That’s a 10-year high.”

In order to see the red light, you have to be paying attention.

“Limit distractions is the biggest tip,” said Steward. “A lot of people, we see them driving with their phones. They’re looking at their phones, maybe engaged in a call that’s distracting their minds from the road. Think about that. Put the phone down and just focus on the road.”

According to the AAA Foundation analysis of state data, Kansas has a slightly lower than average rate of red light running fatalities per year as compared to other states nationwide.