Youtube video from Kobach released Wednesday mostly ignores Republican opponents, focuses on Democrats

Kris Kobach released a video on Youtube Wednesday that was paid for by his U.S. Senate campaign and that he says is the first in a series.

“The Democrats are obsessed with race, sex and sexual orientation,” said Kobach. “They use it as a weapon to stifle debate, especially with Republicans.”

Kobach said he won’t let that happen.

“We can’t let them, and I won’t let them,” said Kobach. “They’ve called me every name they’ve got and they haven’t scared me out of public life yet.”

Kobach then outlined topics for future videos.

“Before the race for U.S. Senate heats up, I’m going to explain how fantasy and propaganda work,” said Kobach. “I’m going to explain how liberals became progressives and how progressives continue to distance themselves from reality and defame those who have not.”

Kobach said the opposition controls every major newsroom in the region and most in the nation and he called on supporters to use social media to spread the videos. Kobach is one among a crowded field of Republicans seeking to occupy the seat currently held by Pat Roberts following his retirement in 2020.