Zoom Now Targeted by Scammers

Thanks to the global pandemic keeping people at home, the popular video conferencing platform Zoom has seen usage grow exponentially in 2020.

Naturally, this has attracted the attention of hackers and scammers.

Out of the blue, you receive an email, text, or social media message that includes Zoom’s logo and a message saying something like “Your Zoom account has been suspended. Click here to reactivate.” or “You missed a meeting, click here to see the details and reschedule.”

You might even receive a message welcoming you to the platform, and requesting you click on a link to activate your account.

The Better Business Bureau says that no matter what kind of phishing message you receive, scammers hope you will click on the link they’ve included in their email.

These links can download malware onto your computer, or lead you to a page where you are prompted to enter your login information.