WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: NCGA President John Linder and NCGA Board Member Dennis McNinch

John Linder, farmer from Edison, Ohio, President of the National Corn Growers Association and Dennis McNinch, farmer from Ness County: West-Central Kansas Corn Commissioner, and a member of the NCGA Corn Board joined us on Thursday’s Ag Issues program.

We got Linder’s reaction to Wednesday’s decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit directing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to submit a status report every 60 days “on its progress in complying with the court’s remand” stemming from the July 2017 ruling in Americans for Clean Energy v. EPA. The 2017 ruling required EPA to address its improper waiver of 500 million gallons of 2016 renewable fuel blending requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

McNinch also previewed the 2021 Kansas Corn Symposium which is taking place, virtually, Thursday afternoon. He also discussed the effort to build ethanol demand and engaging the new Administration on corn issues, and to make sure that corn growers have a seat at the table.

Linder also talked about market development, building exports and other promising markets for corn and also looked at NCGA’s plan and outlook for 2021.