580 Sports Talk’s Weekly Football Picks: Oct. 27, 2023

Every week during the college football and NFL seasons, then 580 Sports Talk team will make five picks for games at both levels. Usually, everyone will pick a pair of NFL games, a pair of college games and will make a wild card pick.

Whoever picks the most games correctly will be our yearly winner.

Jake posted another winning week last week and moved two games ahead of Dan, who struggled to a 1-4 record. Brendan picked up a game on second place with a 2-3 performance.

On to our picks for NFL Week 8 and college football Week 9:

Brendan Dzwierzynski

NFL: Falcons vs. Titans +2.5

NFL: Patriots vs. Dolphins -9.5

CFB: Old Dominion vs. James Madison -20.5

CFB: Oregon vs. Utah +6.5

“I know Oregon is really good, I even called them a legitimate playoff contender earlier this week. But I can’t pass up Utah getting points at home, not with that head coach and with that defense. I don’t love Bryson Barnes, but I think Bo Nix is in for a bad day against the Utes’ defense.”

WC: Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi OVER 63.5

Brendan YTD: 16-22

Jake Lebahn

NFL: Eagles -7 vs. Commanders

NFL: Vikings -1.5 vs. Packers

CFB: Iowa State -2.5 vs. Baylor

“Cincinnati stinks. Baylor barely beat Cincinnati; therefore, I think Baylor stinks. Iowa State should win this game.”

CFB: Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma State -7.5

WC: Tulane vs. Rice OVER 53.5

Jake YTD: 23-15

Dan Lucero

NFL: Chiefs -7.5 vs. Broncos

NFL: Raiders vs. Lions -7.5

CFB: Western Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan +2.5

CFB: Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma State -7.5

“I’ve seen enough of both of these teams to feel like Oklahoma State is good and Cincinnati is the worst team in the Big 12. Expect another big game for Ollie Gordon on the ground and a rout for the Pokes.”

WC: Bengals vs. 49ers OVER 43.5

Dan YTD: 21-17

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