Wednesday is the first day of spring, which means we need to be ready for storms at any point for the next few months.

“Thunderstorm season is going to be here soon,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “A vehicle can either be a very dangerous place, or it can be a place of safety, depending on the weather conditions. The key is being prepared for that severe weather and reacting the right way to what Mother Nature throws at you, whether that’s heavy rain and flooding, hail, lightning, tornadoes, all of those things can hit you pretty quickly when you’re on the road in Kansas.”

With the amount of technology most of us carry in our pocket, there is no reason not to know what you’re driving toward.

“Check out the radar on your phone before you leave to see,” said Steward. “Is there a possibility that I’ll run into severe weather on my trip? Just be aware of that. Keep an eye on it as much as you can. Pull over every once in awhile and check the updates on the radar and see where the storms are.”

Though a lot of people worry about tornadoes, that’s not the only threat you need to pay attention to.

“Never drive into floodwater that’s covering the roadway,” said Steward. “As little as 12 inches of moving water can sweep away most vehicles, sweep those off the road and so, turn around don’t drown, that slogan is very important to keep in mind.”

It’s also important to have an emergency kit with you throughout the year, in case the weather leaves you stranded for an extended period of time.