Over two thirds of U.S. adults will set a financial New Year’s resolution for 2019, marking a consistent indication that many are focused on their financial health as much as their physical health.

“About a third of people say the quality of their financial life is worse than they expect it to be,” said Paul Golden, a financial expert with smartaboutmoney.org. “We’re finding that about half of people say they’re living paycheck to paycheck. The major reasons there are things like rising housing costs and rising debt burdens.”

There is a 60 percent probability individuals and families will experience a financial setback this year.

“There’s a likelihood that financial setbacks are going to occur,” said Golden. “Things that are related to transportation and housing. It’s very important to have an emergency savings. What we’re seeing is that about a third of people will turn to a credit card if an emergency arises. That can kind of be detrimental, if you’re unable to pay it off.”

It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, just as long as you get started.

“There’s actually a benefit to as little as $500 in an emergency savings,” said Golden. “Maybe that’s not going to cover the expense of a setback, but what it does is, it shows that you can set a goal that you can reach that goal and you can keep building on it from there.”

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