With warmer weather, gas prices typically rise in Kansas and that’s the case again this spring.

“We’re up seven cents over the past week to $2.37 a gallon on average,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “That’s among the top 10 largest weekly jumps in the nation. Kansas is getting a little bit of the brunt of that at the gas pumps.”

Kansas gas prices are up 26 cents over the last month.

“Oil prices have been a little fluctuated,” said Steward. “We have seen since February, gas demand has slowly been on the rise, while our stocks of fuel in storage have gradually been decreasing.”

Warmer weather and the switch to the more expensive to make summer fuel blends will likely keep prices going up.

“Right about this time last year, we saw a pretty significant rise, up until about Memorial Day,” said Steward. “Then things stabilized and stayed about the same throughout the summer and early fall and then headed back down in October.”

It remains to be seen if domestic production can mitigate the shortage in crude oil that could come since the OPEC countries are getting less out of the ground right now.