Kansas gas prices are dropping, though not as fast as the temperatures did.

“Gas prices in Kansas this week are really good,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “$1.97 is the average and that’s fourth cheapest in the United States. Only Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas have cheaper gas prices this week.”

The supply of gasoline remains high in Kansas.

“We did see a bit of an increase in demand nationwide last week,” said Steward. “Nearly 25 states averages increased. The cold weather this week could decrease demand, with fewer people out driving in the bad weather. We could see gas prices drop or remain steady over the next week.”

If people are staying home because it’s cold, then they don’t have to fill up their tanks.

“When you have temperatures below zero and snow and ice, that just means fewer people are probably going to be making trips that they normally would be,” said Steward. “Demand is typically going to be even lower with really bad winter weather.”

It is important to watch geopolitical concerns though, as they can change the overall oil market and make the cost of getting gas to the pump greater.