Hanging Signs From Power Lines? NOT A Good Idea

Someone is risking death in northwest Kansas to hang signs on live power lines, and the electric utility is hoping whoever it is stops before they’re electrocuted.

Midwest Energy, Incorporated says that over the past few weeks, someone has been zip-tying plastic signs to energized wires on their system – twice in Thomas County, and once in Sherman County.

In one instance, the signs were more than 23 feet off the ground.

This would indicate that it’s more than someone using a ladder or standing in the bed of their pickup.

The company says on its Facebook page, “For pretty obvious reasons, hanging signs on energized wires is a REALLY dumb idea, and could get whoever is doing it killed in an instant. Our linemen only work on energized lines while wearing very specialized protective equipment, and using specific tools that are designed for hot work.”

The company asks that if you see anyone that’s not in a marked Midwest Energy truck trying to hang signs, call the local Sheriff’s Office.