Failure to move over caused a close call for a Jackson County deputy Saturday night.

According to Sheriff Tim Morse, the deputy was investigating a non-injury accident on US Hwy 75 north of 278th Road in northern Jackson County Saturday night when he was struck by a vehicle.

The deputy was investigating an accident involving a deer and a 1997 Toyota Corolla passenger car when a southbound 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck failed to properly yield to emergency personnel and struck the deputy around 8:30 p.m.

The vehicle’s mirror struck the left arm of the deputy. The injury to the deputy appeared to be minor at the time of the incident.

Kansas law requires motorists on a two-lane highway to slow down, drive with due caution at a safe speed for the road, weather and traffic conditions. On a highway with four-lanes or more, motorists are to “proceed with due caution and, if possible and with due regard to the road, weather and traffic conditions, shall change lanes into a lane that is not adjacent to that of the stationary authorized emergency vehicle.”

A citation was issued to the driver for failing to yield to emergency personnel. The fine for failing to yield to emergency vehicles is $303.00 including court costs.