Kansas Supreme Court: Redistricting Map Stands

Kansas’ highest court has upheld a Republican redistricting law that makes it harder for the only Democrat in the state’s congressional delegation to win reelection.

The state Supreme Court declined to declare that gerrymandering violates the Kansas Constitution.

The court’s opinion was two paragraphs long, saying only that the voters and voting rights group challenging the map “have not prevailed on their claims,” and that a full opinion would come later.

The court has seven justices, five of whom were appointed by Democratic governors.

In the past, congressional district lines have been reviewed by federal judges.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that complaints about partisan gerrymandering are political issues, and not for the federal courts to resolve.

In a separate ruling, the state Supreme Court also upheld maps drawn for state legislative districts that are expected to preserve the GOP’s supermajorities in both chambers.