Kansas First District Congressman Roger Marshall is focused on representing that district and not looking ahead to 2020, when Pat Roberts is set to retire from the U.S. Senate.

“I’m staying very locked in on my job,” said Marshall. “My job of making sure that we secure the borders and fund the government. We need to get all those accomplished.”

That doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in finding out what it would take.

“With 40 percent of the Republican voters from the Big First District of Kansas, we owe it to them to look at that spot,” said Marshall. “We won’t give it much consideration until we actually get the government opened back up and, like I said, secure the border.”

Lots of people want to know what Marshall will do.

“My phone is just blowing up,” said Marshall. “My poor chief. I think he probably talks to 60-70 people here every day that are calling him about it. I just keep telling everybody, look, I’ve got my hands full right now. That’s a long, long ways off. Let’s stay locked in on the job we’ve got to do today.”

Virtually every prominent Republican in the state is taking a look at the seat and State Treasurer Jake LaTurner has already formally launched a campaign.