Move more, says United Healthcare doctor

Improving your health by walking doesn’t have to mean putting in a bunch of mileage.

“What we really think about is just 500 steps, maybe every six or seven minutes,” said Dr. Tony Sun with United Healthcare. “Do it three or four times a day in the morning and then three or four times a day in the afternoon. That will get you there.”

Walking is something you can do with someone, too.

“Finding a friend to walk with you is terrific,” said Sun. “I would encourage everybody. Get out and smell the roses.”

United Healthcare is offering incentives to those who get out and walk and take the Step Up for Better Health Pledge.

“ is the website that you can get on to see if there are maps within your city of walking routes within your city that you can do,” said Sun. “You can enter a sweepstakes and win a trip to the Grand Canyon, or getting an Apple Watch or a gift card to Foot Locker.”

There is also a step counter that uses Google Maps so you can make your own route no matter where you live.