A day after the Johnson County District Attorney decided not to file charges against Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill or his fiance Crystal Espinal, a new audio recording could change that.

KCTV 5 out of Kansas City released a recorded phone conversation between Hill and Espinal that centered on the relationship between Hill and his three year son.

The audio of Hill and Espinal was recorded in early March according to KCTV 5 when they were in the airport in Dubai

The audio is 11 minutes long and it has Hill and Espinal talking back and forth about their son.

At no time on the recording does Hill admit to breaking his son’s arm.

A Kansas district attorney has declined to charge Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill with a crime in a domestic incident that involved his fiance and their 3-year-old child.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said Wednesday “we believe a crime has occurred, however, the evidence in this case does not conclusively establish who committed this crime.”

There is an ongoing investigation by the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Howe did say that if new info was released the case would be re-opened.

KCTV 5 has given the audio tape to the Johnson County District Attorney.

As of Thursday evening, the Chiefs have not released a statement since the tape was released.

Some of the tape as these conversations.

Crystal Espinal: “He is terrified of you. And you say that he respects you, but it’s not respect.”

Tyreek Hill: “He respects me.” Crystal: “He is terrified of you.” Hill: “You need to be terrified of me, too, b****.”

Another interaction:

Crystal Espinal: “I rode for you against that detective & the CPS people. They said time & time again that he literally kept saying ‘Daddy punches me.’ “Which you do when he starts crying. What do you do? You make him open up his arms & you punch him in the chest.”

Crystal Espinal: “Then why does he say, ‘Daddy did it.’? Why?”

Tyreek HIll: “He says Daddy does a lot of things.”

Crystal Espinal: “A 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.”