Seniors In Kansas: There’s No Place Like Home

When it comes to caring for seniors in a home setting, there are generally two factors – finding qualified professionals to provide services and being able to pay for those services. Balancing these can be tricky.

The website TheSeniorList analyzed the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed, and Zillow.

Nine categories were used, ranging from the availability of caretakers and how much they cost to unfilled nursing and in-home care jobs openings.

Each state was assigned a value equal to its rank in each category.

The bottom four states – Georgia, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada – each scored under 150 points.

There was a tie for the number two spot, with Delaware and Missouri both earning 276 points.

Coming in first place for the Best Home Health Care for Patients is Kansas, with 310 points.