The youngest elected statewide official in the country is looking to join the U.S. Senate in 2020. State Treasurer Jake LaTurner announced his candidacy for the seat that is currently occupied by the retiring Pat Roberts on Tuesday.

“I’ve got four young children and they deserve to have a bright future where Washington is paying attention to the needs of the people of Kansas,” said LaTurner. “They’re not doing that right now. We’re $21 trillion in debt and counting. We have liberal, coastal Democrats that are holding up our federal funding right now, because they don’t want to build a wall on our southern border that’s badly needed. Kansans deserve to have a conservative fighter in the Senate. That’s why I’m running.”

One of the main thrusts of LaTurner’s campaign is to retain a seat for Kansas on the Senate Ag Committee, of which current Senator Roberts is chair.

“I’ve launched the Contract with Kansas today, where I outline seven commitments that I am going to keep to the people of Kansas,” said LaTurner. “One of those commitments is to make sure that Kansas always has a voice on the Senate Agriculture Committee. I’m going to make sure that we are doing our level best to make sure that all Kansans are represented and being a part of the Ag Committee is crucial to that effort.”

The Contract with Kansas is available at

“When you look across the country, you see folks like Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley, who just won in Missouri, Tom Cotton who won in Arkansas,” said LaTurner. “Those guys won because they were conservatives that represented a generational change in leadership. That’s what I represent.”

Hawley, at 39, is the youngest U.S. Senator. LaTurner would be just short of his 33rd birthday if he began service in January of 2021.