The 2019 Business Leaders Outlook Survey from JPMorgan Chase shows that there is optimism going into the year.

“Frankly, if you look at unemployment trends all over the country, we’re down to levels we haven’t seen since the 1960s,” said Managing Director and Head Economist Jim Glassman. “Business leaders remain optimistic despite a lot of uncertainty about things around us.”

One of the biggest problems is getting good help.

“It just confirms that things are looking pretty good,” said Glassman. “The big challenge for business leaders is that they’re having a hard time finding people.”

The rising tide of the economy looks to be lifting worker’s boats, as well.

“Most of them are planning to boost pay,” said Glassman. “They’re adding to full-time staff. To me, what that means is, workers are going to continue to see pay increases do much better. They have been. They’re going to be getting help trying to beef up their skills.”

Business leaders have learned to embrace technology, as well. Those that are best at embracing what’s next are getting ahead.