Vehicle Thefts Increasing In Jackson County; Surrounding Counties

Area counties including Jackson County have been receiving an increase of vehicle theft reports in recent days. Many of the surrounding counties had noted an increase in vehicle thefts in the recent weeks. These thefts are generally taking place in the late night or early morning hours. Thieves in most cases are targeting pickup trucks and some SUVs. In Jackson County, thieves have stolen vehicles where the keys were left inside. Some of the thefts have occurred on isolated residential properties while the residents were at home.

Since January 27, 2019 four vehicles have been stolen in Jackson County. On January 27th a 2018 silver Chevy Traverse with Kansas tag number 196GRV was reported stolen near Delia. On January 29th, a 2010 blue with silver striped Ford F-150 with Kansas tag 715JDN was stolen near Delia. On February 4th, a 2005 white Toyota Tundra with Kansas tag 220KDT was stolen near Mayetta. An attempted theft of a 97 Dodge pickup also occurred on the same date where the vehicle was found moved and stuck on the victim’s property near Mayetta. On February 5th, a 2007 Black Ford F-150 w/fender flares with Kansas tag 942KWM was stolen from a rural Circleville residence.

Residents should take necessary precaution in making sure they are not making themselves an easy target for thieves. Keys to vehicles should never be left inside the vehicle. Vehicles should be locked even in rural areas. Many in rural Kansas fail to lock outbuildings, vehicles and even their residences. These habits create a perfect opportunity for would be criminals.

Most of these vehicles have not yet been recovered, however, area law enforcement agencies are working on a variety of leads to apprehend those responsible.

Residents need to be vigilant and alert to suspicious activity and individuals. The public should not delay in contacting law enforcement when they see something suspicious. The quicker the public calls in suspicious activity, the quicker these subjects can be apprehended. If you have any information about these crimes, you are asked to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 785-364-2251.