Cursing Judge Suspended

A foul-mouthed judge accused of bigotry who cursed at courthouse employees so often that a trial clerk kept a “swear journal” documenting his obscene outbursts has been suspended from the bench for one year.

The Kansas Supreme Court called Montgomery County Judge F. William Cullins’ behavior “quite troubling” while handing out a punishment that was harsher than the censure and coaching that a disciplinary panel recommended last year.

The ruling is effective immediately, but the court said it would consider waiving the remaining suspension after 60 days if Cullins enters into an approved plan for training and counseling.

It also ordered Cullins to pay all the costs of his disciplinary proceeding.

Cullins acknowledged during his December 2019 disciplinary hearing that he frequently cursed in his conversations with employees and attorneys, and was sometimes unprofessional in his conduct, but he insisted he didn’t abuse court staff, or direct vulgar and sexist terms at female workers.