I-70 Wreck In Topeka Claims Manhattan Woman

Highway officials say a freak accident on Interstate 70 in which a load of large steel pipes fell off a moving trailer and rained down on other drivers in downtown Topeka led to multiple crashes and the death of a woman.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon, when the load of metal pipes broke free from an eastbound semitrailer and crashed onto the road.

The pipes bounced over a concrete barrier into oncoming traffic in the westbound lanes, hitting multiple vehicles, and sending motorists skidding across lanes, investigators said.

One motorist – Brooke Rees, 29, of Manhattan – died when one of the pipes landed on top of her car, which was then read-ended by a pickup truck, sending her car spinning into a bridge rail.

Police say in all, 15 people were involved in the accident.

The KHP says the only injury was the fatal one.